Max Success at European Trade Shows?

You are a growing dynamic company from America or Asia? Looking for new opportunitys in Europe?

Well, European Trade Shows can definitely be a perfect launching pad to approach this huge and still growing market. But european trade fairs are quite from US or Asian exibitions.

Normally B2B attendees in europe are significantly more cautious, reserved and sceptical towards new products, suppliers or unknown offers. Visitors at European trade fairs are mostly also not in favour of getting scanned their badges without their prior permission and a detailed talk at a booth.

Most of the attendees are not strolling down the aisles, looking open-minded left and right. No, they have their next appointment in mind when they walk down the hall ways. Towards a specific target. It is very hard to catch the attention of the valuable visitors even by an impressive stand construction, or a dense crowd standing around an entertainer.

But there is a success proven possibility to catch even those target focused attendees if they are generally interested in your type of products or if they have a business problem that could be solved by your product. We have named it „VLC”

The Value lead Creator for your trade show success

The Value Lead Creator is an infotainer a Messe Moderator an trade floor communications specialist. He is an expert with very special and sophisticated face-to-face interactions skills. These rare experts are specially educated, trained and experienced for their difficult and unique jobs.

That VLC will work all day long at the edge of your booth and also dive as often as possible into the aisle traffic, contact by-walking attendees, quick-check their basic interest in your products, pre-evaluate them, and guide the interested ones to your booth where your staff will take over and continue the communication for establishing a valuable prospect status.

The VLC plays an “attendee stumbling block” role, he creates a positive awareness for your show presence. He speaks the local language fluently and knows the European mentality and communications behaviour extremely well. He will build a “personal relations bridge” between your staff and the by-walking attendees. Or to say it with other words: He casts his fishing rod with a tasty bait in the “trade floor lake” and pulls out the biggest “prospect trouts” on the booth headland.

You will increase the number of qualified, valuable, graded leads significantly and will spend less of your valuable time with ‘tire kickers’ and ‘time thieves’.

  • Calculate the ROI of your Value Lead Creator

    Here you can download an Excel sample cost /benefit calculation sheet loaded with actual real German VLC project data for costing and results. You are free to use this rather comprehensive and detailed structure changing the sample data against your own specific data set for your selected trade show.

    Basically, your possible success will depend on two main factors:

    The quality and purposefulness of the show attendees in your show hall. They must be as specific and targeted as possible concerning your products.

    The level of your ‘New customer live time value’. The higher the better.

    Qualify your leads. Simple badge scanning is not sufficient!

    It makes no sense at all to go for maximizing the pure number of (unqualified) leads. Therefore – as already mentioned before – please write down all acquired information about your visitor and his needs directly after he has left your booth (and not hours, days later or not at all).

  • ROI trade show success

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